The Puppy Puzzle



Are you a dog parent? Either with a new pup or with a more mature dog, who is confused about how to train them in a way that is kind, clear AND effective?

Are you unsure about your approach and frustrated with certain behavior issues that you just can’t seem to solve?

Are you overwhelmed with the advice from all the ‘guru’s’ out there who all seem to contradict one another about how to do it ‘right’ and don’t know where to start?

The Puppy Puzzle is here to help.

Sharing a wonderful life with our dogs can be one of the most rewarding experiences we’ll ever have. Knowing how to manage the ups and downs of training our dogs to navigate life well is an important intelligence to possess ….

The Puppy Puzzle will help you put those pieces together in a simple yet powerful way, so you and your dog can walk through life together happy, balanced and whole.




The simple yet powerful pieces of The Puppy Puzzle have helped people from all walks of life, including Veterans and Special needs folks, Elite K9 Search and Rescue Teams and regular dog parents tap into rewarding and inspiring partnerships that continue to grow and evolve over time. It can do the same for you and your dog.

“In 2015 the Office of the State Fire Marshal became the Administrative Agency responsible for the search & rescue program in Kansas. Sharon served on our team for several years as a canine handler and training coordinator.  Dedication to her craft and her ability to read and understand canine behavior was invaluable to our young team.  Sharon’s passion and expertise in handling and training dogs helped to develop our canine search team into one of the finest in the country!”

Randy Hill

Search & Rescue Coordinator, State of Kansas

“Stillwater” Sharon is an amazing K9 trainer/handler and an even greater person to know and be friends with. Having the opportunity to meet Sharon when I was a Live-Scent K9 handler with Oklahoma USAR Task Force One (OKC) has been a wonderful experience for me personally. She works hard daily with the animals she is training and/or utilizing and is very successful in what she does. She has a heart of gold and the patience of a saint.

Jason K. Smith

Former K9 Handler of Jagger (2007-2018), Oklahoma Urban Search and Rescue Task Force 1 - OKC

“I am so grateful to Sharon for being such a generous trainer who was so willing to share her dog training skills and knowledge with a newbie when I started showing up at the KSTF trainings. If we had more people like her this world we would be in so much better shape!!”

Scott Burger

Kansas Task Force Canine Handler

“I have trained with Sharon for years and have evaluated her and her K9’s for Search and Rescue Certifications. She is a highly skilled trainer with the ability to maximize her dogs talents.”

Mark Edwards

Retired OKTF-1 Canine Handler / USAR Evaluator

“Sharon is a tenacious soul. She held her own on the rubble pile amongst a group of seasoned Fire fighters and trained and certified two raw dogs. This is a difficult task and only reserved for experience USAR handlers that had certified a previous canine. She was one of our most devout handlers and showed up to every training, no matter what the weather. If this was not impressive enough, she took her knowledge learned on the rubble pile, and began training service dog for Veterans. Sharon has a true servants heart and I am proud to call her a friend and master handler.”

Major Dane Yaw


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