Sharon's Favorites

Sharon has many items she has discovered through years of training dogs that make life with dogs more enjoyable. Please browse through them and find a variety of treats, toys,  snuffle mats and even food that she likes.

About the Author

Sharon Dilley is a lifelong educator and animal lover. With her degree in Elementary education, she has taken her decades of teaching into the realm of the K9 to teach dogs and their people how to elegantly navigate the human world.

She has developed a groundbreaking schooling program built on connection, regulating environment and meeting the animals needs, that empowers young dogs to excel in any environment.

Her expertise has served dogs and humans in search and rescue, veterans affairs and everyday life.

She lives in Oklahoma with her husband and her menagerie of animals.


Teaching Veterans & Service Dogs

Podcast Interview

If you’d like to connect with Sharon for an interview, or have questions about how you can work together, please email her at

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